There Is No Other Name But The Name of Jesus
Check in each morning during the 40 Days of Focus at 8am for a new video feature a Name or Attribute of God. Physical Journals are available at the Church Office during the week or the Next Steps Station on Sundays to follow along. 

40 Days of Focus
February 14th

40 Days of Focus, also know as Lent, will begin on February 14th. We will have the Haitian Room, located on the south side of the CLC, open from 12pm to 8pm. Prayer guides will be available as well as an opportunity to lay down what you will be fasting from in front of The Cross. We pray that this intentional time would help set your minds for this special season where we focus on God and what He did for us.

Maundy Thursday
March 31st

Maundy Thursday is also know as Holy Thursday. This is the day we remember when Jesus had the Last Supper with His disciples before He was crucified. We will have prayer stations set up for you to come and prayerfully remember this Holy Day.

No Other Name; Easter at FSBC
March 31st

We are excited to offer two identical service times for you to chose from for Easter. Make plans to come join us as we celebrate the Risen Savior, Jesus Christ!